Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fall Recap

Colton played quarterback for his 3rd/4th grade football team. As much as it makes Mama worry, he loves football! We celebrated homecoming at TSA with Camo Day...
And they really showed out for Blue and Gold Day...Kenzie played a mean 2nd base for the Tattnall C-team...never seen a girl who plays with so much heart!
We finished the season as champions in our end-of-season tournament...

It's been a busy season with fall with fall baseball, softball and football, but I love to watch my kiddos play, and I love our family time together at the ballpark!

Thanksgiving - 30 Days of Thanksgiving

Many folks took the 30 days of Thanksgiving Challenge this year, so here goes...

1. My Savior, Jesus Christ, whose love and grace I absolutely do not deserve.
2. My husband, Jerry, who puts up with me, is my best friend, and can make me laugh harder than anyone.
3. Kenzie, my heart, my princess, who has become one of my favorite friends...she is becoming such a young lady with a heart for Jesus.
4. Colton, my warrior; he is so passionate about life, his family, about whatever he is doing at the moment, fiercely loyal and loving.
5. Asher, my little man; always in it for the party, makes me laugh, and always has the best, can-do attitude of any kid I know.
6. My children's health. 46 children a day are diagnosed with cancer. My children are healthy. I no longer take that for granted.
7. My Mom and Daddy; they celebrated 50 years together this year, not a lot of people can say that. I am blessed.
8. My sister. No matter how far apart we live for how long, we pick up immediately where we left off. She has an amazing heart and she is an amazing mom and friend.
9. For Piedmont Church. It's been the hardest, best thing we've ever been a part of. The people, the volunteers and the staff blow me away with their heart for Jesus, this community and the world.
10. For my friends; for my entire married life, I've lived away from family. I've always been blessed with friendships that have been like family no matter where we've lived.
11. For our soldiers, who are standing in my stead, fighting for my freedom, while I sit home and enjoy the freedom they fight for.
12. For my home; it may not be as fancy as most homes in North Macon, but it is my home, and it is filled with love.
13. For the opportunity to go on an incredible trip with all of my family this summer to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary; the memories will last a lifetime.
14. For my kids having strong relationships with their cousins...they have texted little inside jokes nonstop for the last 3 days...goofy, but I love it.
15. For snuggles in front of the TV with my sweet boys.
16. For Mamaw, who comes and stays every fall for a couple of months. I'm so thankful for all of her help and the memories she makes with the children.
17. For my students, past and present, and what they have taught me.
18. For Texas A and M; I truly love being an Aggie, and all that it means. I don't care if we're winning or losing...that's not what it's about (although this winning season has been rather sweet)
19. For a husband that takes his boys hunting, because he'd rather be with them than pretty much anyone else.
20. For the Freeman Farm; it is such a place of refuge and acceptance for me and my family.
21. For Diet Coke and Walthall ice.
22. For a daughter that still likes to play pretend (and she's 12).
23. For a son that says his only girlfriend is his Mama.
24. For Christmas lights and Christmas music.
25. For Friday night family nights and fires in the backyard.
26. For neighbors who meet me in the yard for last minute supplies that our children need tomorrow morning, and it's 10:00 the night before...
27. For the wonders that a coat of paint in a tired room can do.
28. For Christmas cards; I truly love getting them each year and seeing all the people we love, all over the world and how they have changed and what God has done in their lives this year.
29. For salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbuck's.
30. For God's amazing handiwork in the colored leaves every fall - stunning!

I am honestly so blessed and humbled, even more so because of this list. God has been so good to me. Is life perfect?
No way, but it is good.
How about you? Have you stopped to ponder what you are really thankful for?