Saturday, October 17, 2009

Asher in pictures

On decade day at school - 1960's, obviously posing for Mom here. Asher is my snuggler. Here he's snuggling w/Grandaddy; if only we lived closer for more snuggles!

Asher loves an adventure! Here he is with Pappy in Longview, shooting the slingshot.

He thinks his cousin Robert, a senior in the Corps at TAMU is about the coolest thing ever. He was his constant shadow this summer at the lake. Asher is my watcher. He doesn't miss a thing!

Here he is with two of his favorite buddies - Griffin and Emma - at a tailgate party before one of the games. He is all about a party!

Colton in Pictures

True pic of Colton - always full of love and hugs. Loving on everyone else on his birthday. Asher loves him some Colton!
Colton's birthday...he wanted a coconut (not sure why).Birthdays always start with a special breakfast...a waffle topped several different ways - one part peanut butter, one part syrup, one part strawberries, one part strawberries with whipped cream...he was so excited!His first football game of the season, and two of his favorite guys came to watch - Dretti and Seth made this little boy's day! Colton is the kicker for his team. This was his first kick of the season.

Perfect birthday - a new Aggie jersey and a new Braves cap, and he got to go to the Braves game on his birthday!