Monday, June 1, 2009

Colton's Baseball Season

Colton had a great rec ball season. I was really proud of him. Last year had been rough, but he had come out of his slump during All Stars. In the meantime, he had fallen in love with football (me? not so much...I'm still a baseball mom at heart), so we weren't sure what to expect with baseball. But, he had a great season. We won some and lost some, but Colton really enjoyed it. He played first base, pitcher and was the cleanup hitter for the Red Sox. For him, it was probably his personal best. I loved watching him. He struggled so last year, and that's hard on a mama, so this season was much better for both of us!

These two pics of him pitching make me think of my daddy...he always had a certain way he would hold his mouth when he was working on something, and we would always joke about "holding your mouth just right to get the job done". Look at how intense Colton is and the way he holds his mouth...he is his Grandaddy made over!

Sliding into home...he loves to slide (me? i don't love doing the laundry on those pants after sliding - ha!)

During our last regular season game, the coaches let the boys all change up positions and did a reverse batting order - just for fun. Colton got to play catcher - he loved it, and thought it was fun!

another shot of him at catcher...

All in all, I'm thankful that my sweet boy loves baseball, and I'll keep praying for him to love it more than football because I don't like the tackling part of football (after all, he's my baby).