Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kenzie Grace

Kenzie Grace...










miracle baby







my buddy

my precious baby girl

turned nine on Sunday.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Friday, November 23, 2007

At Our House


Kenzie walked up to me on the last day of our trip in the mountains and said, "Guess what, Mom! Me and Colton are getting the band back together." (like they were the Eagles or something) Then she skipped merrily on her way.

I was left thinking...what band? Did I miss something?
I thought and thought and this was all I could come up with, this is from 2004. I don't think this is what they were talking about...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things That Shouldn't Be

Children shouldn't have to worry about fighting cancer.

Children shouldn't have to worry about their precious friend fighting cancer.

Abby had her head shaved today because so much of her hair was falling out from the chemo.
She should be dancing, laughing and playing, not fighting for her life.

Abby's beautiful and strong. Stronger than the rest of us.

Kenzie e-mailed Abby today telling her that she's believing that Abby will be the miracle we're singing about in our song this month. She did that on her own. She is so burdened for her friend. She believes that she will be a miracle. She had to share her hope.

They shouldn't have these kind of worries this young.

That's all I have to say about that.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Market Place

It's over.
I'm glad.
It's been a long week...
Packing, unpacking, decorating, selling, undecorating, packing, unpacking.
Cute babies, crying babies, sweet brand new babies.
Tired mamas, proud grandmas.
Shopping, shopping, shopping.
Talking, talking, talking.
Those new, trendy purses
and two-button sweaters.

Seeing old friends...
some refreshing and genuine
some awkward and strained.
Making new friends,
Ms. Troy, Mrs. Lynn from Henry's
in Bolingbroke.
It was fun. I'm so glad our paths crossed.
You made our week.

Selling candles...
"Lucy and Ethel" shenanigans (only Shannon knows).
We'll never tell.

To Mrs. Toni, a huge thank you.
You have a knack; no, a God-given gift.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
To Lucy...we missed you!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Daddy

Today is my Daddy's birthday, and he is one of my favorite people in the whole world, so I'm going to blog about him today.

What I love about my Daddy:

-His letters. He wrote me a letter every single day of my freshman year at college. I'm not kidding or exaggerating...every single day. I was nine hours away from home and extremely homesick, he got me through.

- He has the best lap ever. We've rocked a thousand miles in the rocking chair reading books and telling stories when I was a little girl. I even sat in his lap as a teenager at times when I had broken up with a boyfriend or been hurt by life in general.

- The way he loves my mom. When we were little, on Sunday mornings my mom would get all three girls ready, then Daddy would take us on a walk while Mommy got ready for church. I grew up thinking that was to entertain us girls; now that I'm a Mommy, I know he did it for my mom. My mom has been ill for a several years now. He takes care of her so sweetly. He is so protective of her and thoughtful, it still amazes me after all these years.

- His sense of humor. He cracks me up. I used to love that all of my friends wanted to hang out at my house because my dad was so funny. He loved to embarrass us...he has been known, when we were in junior high, to drive through Sonic and on the "cruise" in Amarillo with a car full of me and my friends screaming because we were in "rollers", honking the car horn all the way!

- His tender heart. He is a big ole teddy bear that loves his three girls and is crazy about his grandkids. He grew up in a home that didn't express love in outward ways. He made sure that wasn't the case in our home. He always made sure we knew how much he loved us.

-His love for God. He always made sure that we knew God's Word and that as a family, church was a priority for us.

- The way he loves my children. Every child of mine talks about going on a walk or going to the park with grandad. I love that. He loves to be where they love to be. They love being with him.

-His Mississippi Mud Cake. He makes the best. He made it most every year for my birthday, and still makes it for me when I come home. He even mailed me one in college. Yep, he did. I am loved.

Happy Birthday, Daddy, I love you!

your lil' pardner