Monday, February 8, 2010

Right Now

A friend of mine did a similar list on his blog and sort of challenged us to do the same. Feel free to contribute your own list at your blog or in the comments below.

What I was listening to when I began this post:
the washing machine and Kenzie typing on the computer

What I am drinking right now:
Diet Coke - same thing every morning.

What I have just finished doing:
Reviewing Kenzie for a history test over the progress of transportation and communication in America.

What I will do immediately after posting this:
Do a science lesson with Kenzie comparing the scientific evidence of the Flood with the biblical evidence for the Flood

What books I am reading now:
What Difference Do It Make? by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (excellent follow up to Same Kind of Different as Me)
Good and Angry by Turanski and Miller

Last email/text I received:
Confirmation e-mail from my Feb. 28th storyteller for All Stars (thanks David Mathis).

Last email/text I sent:
A text to Jerry about the Journey.

Last article I read:
"Brees: Victory is for Whole City" from the Press Association this morning.
I really was drawn to Brees last night after the game when it showed im tearing up holding his little boy (yes, I'm a sucker for stuff like that). Just about the sweetest I wanted to read more about him.

Favorite Super Bowl commercial from last night:
the David Letterman with Oprah and Jay Leno - cute, simple, clever. Overall, disappointed with the commercials as a whole.

Least favorite Super Bowl commercial from last night:
The one about Casual Friday with everyone in heir underwear - a visual I really didn't need, and not very effective because I can't even remember what the ad was for, just that I was disgusted.

btw...totally missed the Tebow commercial, but loved the video on Focus on the Family's website. The liberals look like fools and probably gave us the best promo ever to get people to go to the website and watch the video.

What I just looked at right now:
Some tree men cutting down three trees in our back yard, thinking that Colton would love to be watching this right now.

What I was listening to when I finished this post:
Kenzie telling me she's ready for her next lesson...

gotta go - join in on your own blog or in the comment section and tell me what you're up to - right now.